• A workshop is led by a facilitator. An individual in the group wishes to explore a deep personal issue. Generally, there will be an opportunity to set up a number Constellations in each session.
  • After a brief interview, the facilitator suggests who will be represented in the Constellation. These is usually a representative for the seeker, one or more family members, and sometimes abstract concepts such as “depression” or a country.
  • The person presenting the issue (seeker or client) asks people from the group to stand in the Constellation as representatives. He or she arranges the representatives according to what feels right in the moment. The seeker then sits down and observes.
  • The representatives do not act, pose, dialogue or role play but they tap into the collective wisdom (also called the Knowing Field, or morphic field or energy field) of the client’s family
    The representatives have little or no factual knowledge about those they represent, nevertheless, the representatives usually experience feelings or physical sensations that will inform the process.
  • The facilitator may ask the seeker and each representative to briefly report how they feel being placed in relation to the others. The facilitator and seeker may recognise an underlying dynamic in the spacial arrangement and feelings held by the representative/s. It is often clear that traumas and patterns continue to unconsciously affect the living long after the original victims or perpetrators have died.
  • A healing resolution for the issue may be achieved after interactions, re-positioning the representatives and adding key members of the system who have been forgotten or written out of the family system. When every representative feels right in his or her place, the facilitator may suggest one or two sentences to be spoken aloud. If the representatives do not feel at peace with their new position or sentences, they try a different sentence or movement. This may lead to recognition, realisation and a possible resolution of the issues faced by the seeker.