woodimgA family is a living system, as any ecosystem, –

Family Constellations is a systemic therapy, meaning that an individual cannot be separated from his/her family in healing –

Who you are?

You are part of your family tree, with each ring of the trunk equal to a family within a family – how can you possibly think you are separate from the tree??

You are part of a system, your family system, no mistake about this….If you heal yourself, you heal the tree, and new growth is then healthy. (the new children)
A systemic view of psychology acknowledges that we are all part of a greater system that is more than the sum of individual parts, and that when something happens in one part of the system, then all the other parts are affected too. The roots of an individual’s issue often lie deep in the unconscious areas of our own family and social systems (hence systemic constellations). This whole-system approach differs from other therapeutic approaches in that it explores each person’s wider place in the inter-connected groups or systems to which they belong, rather than simply focusing on the individual in an isolated way.